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Pro Ceramic Coating

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SUMA PRO CERAMIC COATING, contains a nano-Si02 and porous polymer agent formula. The unique high-performance formula allows the agent to be chemically bonded to the surface in a better state that nano particles penetrate into the pores of the paint surface to fill gaps. The agent can form a crystal clear and transparent polymer hard coating like glass upon drying, forming and curing. The tough and rigid protective film creates a chemical-resistant film for permanent protection. The completed film can only be removed by means of mechanical polishing.

The unique agent formula, which lengthens the drying time during coating, allows this product to be applied very easily. It effectively achieves the best application quality while performing the basic function of an effective coating agent. At the same time, the film-forming conditions create a permanent protective paint surface.

SUMA PRO ceramic coating agent, the polymer hard coating crystal, has a protective layer of high gloss, high hardness and high performance. The surface hardness of the car paint is increased by about 50%. It effectively provides a protective layer to make the paint coat anti-oxidation, anti-ultraviolet, able to withstand most acids, alkalis [pH3-12], organic solvents, and is effectively resistant to damage caused by the environment and climate, providing unparalleled protection for the surface of the car.

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