Developed in house

Tested by detailers &
car enthusiasts

Easy To Apply

No streaking or smearing, it's simply wiped on and wiped off. You can apply the spray whether your car is wet or dry. The whole car can be done within 10 minutes or less.

Long Lasting Durability

The durability lasts up to 6 months or more. The hydrophobic properties propel dirt and grime that makes maintaining your car much easier and enjoyable. Washing your car will take 50% less time if not more.

Rejuvenate All Surfaces

Applicable to paint, wrap and PPF to rejuvenate the original look whether glossy or matte look. The formula does not contain corrosive chemicals such that you can apply to plastic, rims, windows and more without changing their colors or creating damages.

Suma Performance


Our formula is developed in-house and tested with detailers and car enthusiasts. Designed for for DIY users like you, Suma Ceramic Spray is easy to use while still providing professional results.



"The first time I applied it, it was like wiping liquid gloss on my car. The application was super easy and the aftermath was superb. I would definitely recommend to anyone that wants a super gloss on their car."

Stephan W.

AUG 29 2020

"I knew this product was going to be great going into this but when I tried it for my self I could not believe it. The shine on my whole car is literally a mirror. I'm so happy with this product. It was very easy to use! This ceramic coating from SUMA is absolutely stellar."

Michael W.

July 7 2020

"Easy to apply, super durable, and doesn’t have a toxic smell like other sprays. Perfect maintenance spray for cars that already have a coating And still perfect for cars without. It’s durable and doesn’t wash off instantly like some other products. Dust blows right off. Awesome product."

Ryan R.

May 28 2020