Eddy founder of Suma Performance
This is Eddy, founder of Suma Performance. You've likely never heard of me. I’m a late bloomer in the car community. Why? Read on to find out!
I got into cars in the summer of 2000 as a 20-year-old. That summer, I visited my brother in Taiwan, who recently got a WRX STI, heavily modified. One midnight, he took me on a night cruise with his crew till the crack of dawn. 
Roads were empty and wide open, perfect for the crew, comprised of 5-7 heavily modified WRX STIs. With the sound of the turbo, the sparkles coming out from the exhaust, instantly, I was hooked.  
But being a typical Asian, especially as the first generation of immigrants, I was told to focus on school, so I put this passion aside. Three degrees (BS and MS in electrical engineering, JD in patent law) and a professional career later, I told myself it was either now or never. 
The same brother who took me for the night cruise has been in the aftermarket car industry all these years. He is now a successful manufacturer providing OEM and aftermarket products to Japan and Europe.  
Twenty years later, my brother took me on a ride again. This ride awakened the 20-year -old in me. This time, we started a business together.
That’s the genesis of Suma Performance.
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