Ceramic Coating Spray

Ceramic Coating Spray

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Super durable ceramic spray, protecting paint at the nano level. Repels dirts, contaminates and more. Doesn't come off easily, so a little goes a long way.
Reduces 50% + time and money.

2 years of protection, done in 10 minutes.

100 % satisfaction or money back


2-year of professional ceramic protection done in 10 minutes. After the first application, reapply every 3 months to protect the initial coating.  

The hydrophobic properties propel dirt and grime that makes maintaining your car much easier and enjoyable. Washing your car will take 50% less time if not more.



No streaking or smearing, it's simply wiped on and wiped off. You can apply the spray whether the car is wet or dry. The whole car can be done within 10 minutes or less.

After the first application, reapply every 3 months to protect the initial coating.


    Applicable to paint, wrap and PPF to rejuvenate the original look whether glossy or matte look. The formula does not contain corrosive chemicals such that you can apply to plastic, rims, windows and more without changing their colors or creating damages.  

    We've increased our efforts and step up our game. We've taken our most popular ingredients and bump them up a notch in every way possible!

    More shine, slickness, hydrophobic properties, durability. You name it.

    Let's take a look at the wonders of our ceramic coating spray.

    Basically, a ceramic coating spray is less expensive and simpler to apply a version of a standard ceramic coating. Although it will not last as long as a conventional pro-grade ceramic coating (5-6 years), it can still endure a long period compared to the cost.

    Our Ceramic Coating Spray will last up to 6 months or more!

    Well, let's take you back to science class and discuss material properties for a while to truly grasp what ceramic coatings are (spray or no spray.)

    Ceramics are inorganic metal and non-metal element compounds. Silicon dioxide, often known as SiO2 or silica, is one of the most common and easily produced ceramics. In the form of tiny glass-like shards in the sand, Quartz can be found in large quantities at your local beach. These compounds are extremely durable and resistant to abrasion. They are powerful in compression but fragile when shocked, twisted, or pulled apart. As a result, UV radiation, heat, chemicals, and acids became all resistant to ceramics.

    Now, enough science talk.

    We do not doubt that you already got the gist of the advantages of ceramic coating spray. But, see, the problem is these coatings have been costly and difficult to apply!

    Protecting your car has never been easier than with Suma Performance Ceramic Coating Spray. In only minutes, our clear coat-safe ceramic coating will give your car a showroom mirror-like shine.

    Not only that...

    Suma Performance Ceramic Coating Spray incorporates nano sealant technology. Well, it stands for what it is named for, the ceramic particles are 1 to 100 nanometers in size (a millionth of a millimeter), allowing them to penetrate deep into the clear coat and bind on an atomic level! Talk about DEEP level efficiency.

    How to use our product?

    Apply the spray on a soft, clean microfiber towel.  Over a damp or dry surface, spread it evenly throughout the car body, spreading as you go for thorough coverage. It will gradually fade away as you glide it across the surface. Please wait a few minutes after you've finished applying the coating to allow it to bind. Then, using a new clean microfiber cloth, buff the surface until it's completely clear. Switch to a different towel if it becomes too moist during wiping. Finally, reapply to any missing areas or places that require a touch-up.

    No streaking or smearing; it's wiped on and wiped off. You can apply the spray whether the car is wet or dry. The whole car can be done within 10 minutes or less.

    At the end of the day,  you'll require less, produce less residue, have more durability, and have greater ease of use than other products. 

    So, if you want your car to be shining, smooth, and clean on the first application... without having to sweat for hours in the sun, and without having to be concerned about how the car appears like it hasn't been washed in weeks a week later. Then our ceramic coating spray formulation will make you extremely happy.

    We truly believe that we created the best product for your coating needs.

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