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Hydrophobic Protection: SUMA is a water based nano sealant that has excellent hydrophobic property that protects your car to the maximum. In developing SUMA, we at Suma Performance used the same nanotechnology on our gel coating on Suma Mirrors to ensure the gel is permanently bonded with the mirror surface at the nano level. Our proprietary nanotechnology ensures SUMA instantly bonds at the nano level to achieve maximum hydrophobic protection. 

Instant Curing: No curing time, so you can simply apply SUMA and drive. Because SUMA instantly bonds with the applied area, within a minute it works immediately for great and long lasting results.  

All Surfaces Applicable: SUMA is water based such that it can be applied to all types of surface areas. You can apply on windshield without making streaks and don’t make wipers skip. SUMA does not contain corrosive chemicals such that you can apply to plastic, rims, windows and more without changing their colors and no damages.  Long Lasting Results: It should last 30-60 days, even up to 6 months, depending on environmental and weather conditions. 

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