16+ Tacoma (3rd Generation)

16+ Tacoma (3rd Generation)
16+ Tacoma (3rd Generation)
16+ Tacoma (3rd Generation)
Product image 116+ Tacoma (3rd Generation)
Product image 216+ Tacoma (3rd Generation)
Product image 316+ Tacoma (3rd Generation)

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Available for limited quantities. Once sold out, pre-order to be on the waiting list to receive by mid-November.

Designed as OEM replacement, our mirrors fit perfectly inside your mirror housing for easy Installation. A must mod to enhance your driving performance, anti-glare & blind spot reduced. It comes in a set of 2 mirrors.

Mirror Highlights

  • OEM replacement/fitment. 
  • Wide angle convex to reduce blind spot.
  • Hydrophobic (water repellent).
  • Blue tint to reduce glare, and blue color does not fade.
  • Includes a set of 2 mirrors.


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To enhance your safety and driving performance, Suma Mirrors use premium optic glass that creates the best wide angle convex to effectively reduce blind spot.

Our mirrors are R1000, whereas other mirrors are R1400. (The smaller the R-number, the wider the view).

If you compare Suma Mirrors with other mirrors, our mirrors have wider visibility and can see more objects in Suma Performance mirrors. 


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It is a fancy word for water repellent. This provides clear visibility in rainy conditions to provide safety and driving performance.

Our water repellent feature is permanent. This feature is coated during our proprietary SOGEL manufacturing process.  Unlike Suma Mirrors, other mirrors typically use spray-on that the water repellent.


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Suma Mirrors go through proprietary SOGEL process that takes multiple steps/days to produce our signature, blue mirrors such that the mirrors themselves are actually clear and colorless.

The reason Suma Mirrors look blue is because it absorbs all spectrum of the colors except the blue color that's pleasant to the eyes,  effectively reducing glare (the yellow color spectrum, which causes the glare, is absorbed).

Other mirrors, in contrast, use the vacuum coating process such that the blue color is actually coated on the mirror itself (unlike ours, clear/colorless mirrors that only reflect blue color). Based on that, they are not truly anti-glare because the glare is still reflected to human eyes. Over time, the blue coating will eventually fade. The blue hue of Suma Mirrors do no fade and are truly anti-glare.

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